Brax Ultralight Cadiz U 5-Pocket Pant | Silver

By Brax

BRAX Ultralight is an exclusive development aimed at creating the lightest cotton trousers by BRAX. In so doing, BRAX is extending the boundaries of the possible with Ultralight. The result in the symbiosis of sustainable outer fabric, ingredients and workmanship is a technical revolution: pure lightness - an absolute wearing experience - nest wearing performance - based on Cotton Made in Africa quality - exclusively by Brax.

  • Cadiz Fit: Straight fit
  • Cotton Made in Africa quality
    • African cotton is characterized by its extra-fine and very long fibers and is one of the highest-quality and most sustainable cotton varieties in the world.
  • Fantastic feeling on your hands
    • It feels very soft and smooth to the touch: 100% BRAX DNA!
  • Brilliant colors
    • The colors are characterized by their high brilliance
  • Easy care
    • Owing to the longer staple length, organic cotton is particularly easy to look after!
  • Greater flexability
    • Modern elastic yarns achieve better bounce-back properties