Scabal St. Tropez Kenton R Sport Coat | Blue and Magenta Weave

$508.50 $1,695.00

Summer doesn't get any more glamorous than St Tropez and this new collection is the epitome of that feeling. Linen, silk, cotton and fine wools have been mixed in different combinations to create variety and interest throughout the collection. Designed for those who want to stand out, colors and patterns are bright and fancy. This is a collection full of textures, the ground colors give a 3D feel and the highlight colors pop, with the silk adding a luxurious shine. The range in completed by two beautifully textured pure navy wools, light enough to create a blazer of distinction but with a touch of natural stretch to ensure relaxed comfort. Perfect for dressing up a tranquil evening on the French Riviera.

  • 35% wool, 35% silk, 30% linen
  • Kenton R construction (Unconstructed)
  • Butterfly lining
  • 250 grams
  • EU SIZING (EX. EU52 = US42)