Psycho Bunny Woad Hydrochromic Swim Trunk | Navy

$31.50 $105.00

The men's Woad hydrochromatic swim trunk reveals a hidden Bunny logo pattern when it comes into contact with water. It features an embroidered Bunny logo appliqué at the front. Includes waterproof carry bag.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Regular fit
  • Hydrocromic Psycho Bunny pattern
  • Embroidered Bunny Logo

Hydrochromic is a term used to describe a type of material that changes color when exposed to water. In the context of swim trunks, hydrochromic materials are used to create a unique and dynamic look. When the trunks come into contact with water, the material changes color, revealing a hidden design or pattern. The color change is temporary and returns to its original state once the fabric dries.