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Brax Mens Prestige Cooper Fancy Mens Pants - Perma Blue

This modern five-pocket trouser is a novelty of lightness and subtlety. The finest satin is made of fine Pima cotton yarns and a comfortable spandex part. Characterized by a clean product design and softer haptics, this men's trousers are recommended for a well-groomed casual look. The high-quality, smooth fabric shines in an autumn color palette and still looks masculine over the typical five-pocket style. All of this makes these modern men's trousers a favorite piece - because comfort and quality are important.  


  • Five-pocket jeans
  • men's trousers
  • Bags: Five-Pocket
  • Bags: two attached pockets
  • Bags: Front Pants with Coinpocket
  • Closure: high-quality zipper
  • Fit: Regular
  • Fit: slightly wider than straight fit
  • Fit: straight legs
  • Fit: normal walking distance


  • high quality cotton satin
  • Satin: special type of binding
  • consists of a high-quality cotton mix
  • Cotton: skin-friendly, breathable, durable
  • Elasthan: highly elastic fiber, provides more freedom of movement, fabric less wrinkle-prone
  • remains in shape even under heavy stress
  • exclusive product development
  • color and shape resistant
  • skin and wear-resistant
  • smooth, soft grip

Details / Processing: 

  • quality finishes and workmanship
  • sportive five-pocket elements
  • Triple quilts on bags and saddles
  • high color brilliance
  • extensive color palette
  • Perma equipment in Black and Blue
  • cleaner Sportswearlook with fine detail solutions
  • modern label


96% Cotton 
4% Elastane 

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